Microchip – dsPIC DSC Family: Perform Under Pressure Using dsPIC® DSCs

dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers Help You Perform, Even in Harsh Environments, to Meet Your Deadlines and Application Requirements

Relieve your deadline pressure and get your next design done on schedule using Microchip’s family of dsPIC® DSCs. These dsPIC DSCs also perform well in harsh environments like extended temperature or varying voltage ranges, making them ideal for high-pressure applications.

The dsPIC DSC family has four key features to help you perform under pressure to meet your deadlines and application requirements. As a hybrid architecture, the dsPIC DSC incorporates the mathematical power of a true DSP with the simplicity and bit manipulation of a MCU. Devices are available in an extremely broad range of package options in many different pinouts and package sizes. Also, this family has specialized peripherals which are optimized for real-time response and tight control loops. The very large dsPIC DSC portfolio includes over 1,500 product variants, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your specific application.

Performance: A True DSP with MCU Simplicity

  • Designed for real-time control
  • Executes up to eight operations in one instruction
  • Fixed point math manages overflow and rounding
  • Zero-cycle looping
  • 40-bit accumulators for high-precision results
  • Up to 70MHz performance

Packaging: More Package Options

  • 18- to 144-pin options
  • Use the same 28-pin package from 6KB to 512KB of Flash
  • Small pincount and form factor packages

Peripherals: The Right Mix of Integration

  • CAN, Dual CAN and USB
  • Op-amps and fast comparators
  • ADCs with multiple sample and holds
  • Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG) for scheduling complex, high speed peripheral operations
  • Sophisticated PWMs with application-specific modes

Portfolio: Scalable and Flexible Family

  • Over 1,500 dsPIC DSC product variants
  • Support for both 3V and 5V operation
  • Extended (125°C) and high temperature (150°C) options
  • Flash memory ranging from 6KB to 512KB



Motor Control

  • HVAC
  • Pumps, compressors, fans
  • Appliances


  • Power tools
  • Cameras
  • Projectors


  • Pulse oximeters
  • Blood pressure meters
  • Portable O2 concentrators

  • 3D printers
  • Sewing machines
  • CNC machines


  • Fans
  • Sensors
  • Fuel pumps

Digital Power

  • Solar inverters
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • DC/DC converters