Exar – XR1008/XR2008 AND XR1009/XR2009: Low Power Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

XR1008/XR2008 AND XR1009/XR2009: Low Power Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

The XR1008/XR2008 are single/dual amplifiers offering 75MHz bandwidth while consuming only 505µA supply current and the lower power XR1009/XR2009 single/dual amplifiers provide 35MHz at only 208µA supply current. When compared to other competing products on the market today, the XR1008/XR2008 devices offer 6 times the bandwidth and even the lower power XR1009/XR2009 devices offer 3 times the bandwidth. The XR1008/XR2008 single/dual amplifiers target industrial applications such as smart meters, ultrasonic heat meters and other applications requiring high speed and low power. The XR1009/XR2009 are single/dual amplifiers with an ultra low 200µA supply current for portable instrumentation and applications such as interactive whiteboards.


  • 505μA supply current
  • -0.3V to 3.8V input voltage range with 5V supply
  • 50V/µs slew rate
  • 15mA linear output current
  • Fully specified at 2.7V and 5V supplies
  • Up to 75MHz bandwidth
  • 0.07V to 4.86V output voltage range with 5V supply
  • 12nV/√Hz input voltage noise
  • TSOT-5, MSOP-8 and SOIC-8 packages
  • 1k MSRP: $0.51 to $0.82 US

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