Exar – XR1009, XR2009 0.2mA, 35MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

The XR1009 (single) and XR2009 (dual) are ultra low power, low cost, voltage feedback amplifiers. These amplifiers use only 208μA of supply current and are designed to operate from a supply range of 2.5V to 5.5V (±1.25 to ±2.75). The input voltage range extends 300mV below the negative rail and 1.2V below the positive rail.

The XR1009 and XR2009 offer superior dynamic performance with a 35MHz small signal bandwidth and 27V/μs slew rate. The combination of low power, high bandwidth, and rail-to-rail performance make the XR1009 and XR2009 well suited for battery-powered communication/computing systems.


  • 208μA supply current
  • 35MHz bandwidth
  • Input voltage range with 5V supply: -0.3V to 3.8V
  • Output voltage range with 5V supply: 0.08V to 4.88V
  • 27V/μs slew rate
  • 21nV/√Hz input voltage noise
  • 13mA linear output current
  • Fully specified at 2.7V and 5V supplies
  • Replaces MAX4281

  • Portable/battery-powered applications
  • Mobile communications, cell phones, pagers
  • ADC buffer
  • Active filters
  • Portable test instruments
  • Signal conditioning
  • Medical equipment
  • Portable medical instrumentation
  • Interactive whiteboards