Lattice – LatticeECP3TM: HOC: Embedded HMI-On-Chip Solution

Embedded HMI on Chip (HOC) is a compact Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution for rapid creation and implementation of embedded graphical HMIs on Lattice FPGAs.

The HMI on Chip solution has been developed by Mikroprojekt on the LatticeECP3TM HMI Development Kit. The solution offers the complete functionality required for display driving, graphics rendering and embedded visualization, scalable from small size QVGA to large full HD displays, as well as a wide variety of touch screen and system interfaces.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Target Applications

  • Domestic appliances
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Automotive information displays
  • Building automation and elevator controls
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Service and control terminals
Key Features

  • Lattice FPGA-based embedded HMI solution
  • No operating system required
  • HOC: fully integrated design
  • Memory and display control; graphics accelerator
  • Alpha blending and transparency
  • Various HMI graphics objects: buttons, sliders, bar-graphs, data fields
  • Easy interface deployment; single integrated file
  • No-coding, fully graphical interface design process, WYSIWYG
  • Small FPGA footprint for compact implementation
  • Easy system integration with memory-mapped data exchange
  • Fully configurable external interfaces
  • Simple evaluation with the LatticeECP3 HMI Development Kit

Device Utilization


1 ECP3-35, DDR3 memory, high resolution display, large Mico32 cache size, SD card
2 ECP2-13, SDRAM memory, compact implementation