Microchip – PIC32MZ Family and PIC32MX Family: Microchip Provides Complete Human-Machine Interface Solutions

Microchip provides complete Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions for user input as well as display control. Our award-winning input solutions include mTouch® technology for buttons and sliders, 2D projected capacitive (PCAP) solutions for touch screens and touchpads and GestIC® technology for 3D gesture recognition.

Microchip’s PIC32-based graphics solutions can drive displays up to 24 bpp VGA through either an external controller or by utilizing Low Cost Controller-less Graphics (LCCG), while leaving plenty of processor bandwidth for the control of your application. The breadth of Microchip’s sensing and PIC32 microcontroller product lines allows you to optimize your design to meet your application requirements. We offer a one-stop shop for your HMI needs. All solutions are supported by a comprehensive package of hardware development boards, free software tools — including Graphics Display Designer X (GDD X) — and complete free MPLAB® Harmony compatible libraries that work with the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

PIC32MZ Family

  • Up to 200MHz (330 DMIPS)
  • Up to 2048K Flash and 512K SRAM
  • Up to 144-pin packages

PIC32MX Family

  • Up to 100MHz (131 DMIPS)
  • Up to 512K Flash and 128K SRAM
  • Up to 100-pin packages

Graphics Library

  • Pre-made graphic objects, multiple fonts and languages
  • User interface for mTouch sensing solutions
  • Image and font resource converter, anti-aliased fonts, JPEG decode

Graphics Display Designer X (GDD X)

  • Easy-to-use GUI development, drag-and-drop key elements
  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) environment
  • MPLAB X IDE plug-in or standalone
  • Generates C-code directly into design project


  • Multimedia Expansion Board II (DM320005-2)
  • PIC32 GUI Development Board with PCAP (DM320015)
  • 3DTouchPad (DM160225)
  • Low Power Projected Capacitive Touchpad Development Kit (DM160219)
  • CAP1188 Evaluation Kit (DM160222) and CAP1298 Evaluation Kit (DM160223)
  • PCap Touchpad Development Kit (DM320016)

1D Sensing for Buttons and Sliders

  • Scalability: can be implemented on any PIC® microcontroller with an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Ease of use: turnkey controllers with GUI-based configuration and require no software programming
  • Low power: Microchip’s XLP technology combined with mTouch optimized software library allows for longer battery life
  • Efficiency: touch-dedicated Hardware Capacitive Voltage Divider
    (Hardware CVD) peripheral takes load off the CPU leaving more processing power to applications while reducing code overhead
  • Performance: guard sensor driving for increased touch sensitivity
  • Broad portfolio: PIC12/16LF155X, CAP11/12XX, and any PIC MCU with an ADC

2D Sensing for Touchscreens and Touchpads

  • MTCH6102 and MTCH6301 turnkey touch controllers
  • Lowest power in the industry for touch and surface gestures
  • Allows fast, easy integration of taps, swipes, scrolling and drawing to create a rich user interface with quick time-to-market
  • Maximizes battery life in cost-sensitive applications
  • 3D tracking and gesture recognition
  • MGC3130: single-chip 3D gesture detection based on Microchip’s patented E-Field sensing GestIC technology
  • Turnkey solution: no host processing, no host coding
  • 24/7 gesture interface for your product: lowest power with built-in auto sleep and auto wake-on-proximity
  • Built-in Colibri gesture suite, including Air Wheel (virtual volume control)
  • Short time-to-market with GUI-based design process
  • Interfacing: I2C™ and/or programmable GPIOs (Gesture Port)