NKK Switches – OLED Rocker: Leave Tradition Behind – Make the Switch!

NKK offers the industry’s most extensive selection of off-the-shelf OLED and LCD programmable devices, development kits and accessories.

Unlike any other switch in today’s market, NKK offers LCD 64 x 32 and 36 x 24 pushbuttons and displays that can be specified in single, bicolor or RGB backlight. With high quality LEDs for superior color matching and an LCD driver on board these programmable SmartSwitch devices allow Design Engineers to create customizable panels that can display multiple lines of text or graphics using long life sunlight readable LCD displays.

NKK’s full color OLED programmable pushbuttons and displays sharply display small characters, graphics and video. These devices have an 180° viewing angle that allows operators to quickly see changes in any critical environment and feature long-life organic LEDs available in 65K high contrast color options.

The OLED programmable rocker allows users to scroll up and down to select menu options or push for activation. NKK’s OLED rocker has customizable options and graphics, a monochrome long-life display, an 180° viewing angle, snap-in mount and is rated IP64 to withstand harsh environments.

To assist design engineers with rapid prototyping, NKK offers pre-programmed or user-defined SmartSwitch Development Kits and a wide variety of accessories, including splash proof overlays. NKK’s SmartSwitch devices provide an unlimited amount of functionality and design flexibility by simplifying the human machine interface.

• Simplify complex environments
• Change control panel functionality instantly
• Design applications with fewer devices
• Reduce operator training time and errors
• Programmable for multiple languages
• Automation
• Broadcast
• Audio
• Food service
• Medical
• Military
• Aerospace
• Telecommunications