NXP – Smarter Connections Between Car and Driver

Driving LCDs with clarity.
Controlling LEDs and RTCs with accuracy.

For car drivers, vehicle information has to be concise and sharp. At the focal point of all displays and control functionality are NXP’s automotive interface products. Compact and highly integrated, they offer you ways of getting information across to the driver quickly and clearly, while enhancing system flexibility.

  • LCD drivers – tailored for driving vertical alignment (VA) displays
  • LED controllers – dimming capability and multiple PWM channels in a single device
  • Real-time clocks – highly integrated and high precision (better than 1 s per day)
  • And much more – from I/O expanders to capacitive sensors, all you need to complete your automotive applications.

Bring clarity to your driving information needs – interface to the latest automotive technologies and solutions with NXP.