Renesas – RZ/A1 Series: Create Superior HMI Designs with Fewer Components Using Renesas’ RZ/A1 MPUs


On-chip functions provided by RZ/A1 MPUs reduce BOM cost, save board space and minimize integration tasks. Typical applications like the one shown below take advantage of a rich portfolio of intellectual property from Renesas and can utilize a range of built-in peripherals, including: CMOS camera interface, JPEG Codec Unit, 12-bit ADC, and OpenVG 2D graphics engine, among others.


Up to 10MB on-chip RAM

  • For code execution/data buffering

128-bit memory bus

  • With parallel (x4) access to deliver superior memory throughput

Execute-In-Place (XIP) from inexpensive QSPI memory

  • With three layers of cache

LCD controller to drive up to two independent WXGA displays

  • For vivid displays

One RZ/A1 MPU can accommodate entire software stack (libraries, operating system and application code) plus graphics frame buffer.

Lower BOM cost

  • No external SDRAM or LCD controller
  • Simpler voltage regulators
  • Reduced PCB layers

Increased performance

  • 1000 DMIPS at 400MHz
  • 6x throughput of 333MHz 16-bit DDR2

Decreased power consumption

  • Fewer board components
  • No copying of code from flash to RAM

Accelerate time-to-market

  • Simpler PCB design
  • Decreased EMI via reduced switching
  • No DDR procurement issues