Solomon Systech – A Diverse Array of Display Solutions for Wearables

Need display driver ICs for your panels/LCD modules for wearables? Looking for total display solutions for your smart wearable devices? Solomon Systech is your choice.

Solomon Systech showcases a full range of display solutions for wearables – the “next big thing” in the consumer electronics market.

We offer to panel makers/LCD module makers display driver IC solutions for diverse wearable applications and displays at a variety of panel sizes and technologies, covering STN, TFT, OLED and E-paper. End customers and MCU/BLE chip makers can benefit from our total display solutions encompassing display driver ICs for all basebands/MCU/BLE in the market, MIPI display interface controller ICs as interface bridges, and capacitive touch panel controller ICs which offer multi-touch user experience.


  • Smart watches
  • Health and fitness devices

E-Paper Driver ICs – SSD1623/1627/1629/1607

  • NO power needed (stand-by mode)
  • High image contrast
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Support bendable displays

OLED Driver ICs – SSD1306B/1316/1327/1353/1360/1362

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Support super bright display (suitable for outdoor applications)
  • Support bendable displays

LCD Driver ICs – TFT: SSD1268/STN: SSD1848

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • 8-color mode/4-grayscale mode
  • Built-in booster circuit

MIPI Display Interface Controllers – SSD2848/2805

  • Integrated frame buffer up to FHD for system power saving
  • Image rotation (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)
  • Scaler (upscale/downscale)
  • High speed serial interface (up to 1Gbps/lane)
  • Support 16/18/24-bpp display for MCU and RGB interfaces

Capacitive Touch Panel Controllers – SSD6020

  • Mutual-capacitance sensing schemes
  • True multi-touch
  • Excellent waterproof capability
  • Noise robustness