Vishay – VOW: Vishay’s Widebody Optocoupler Advantage

Optically isolating low voltage control electronics, electrical noise (EMI and RF) and people from high voltage is the primary role of an Optocoupler. The value of the high voltage determines the level of isolation required. For Category III with up to 1000V mains and Category IV with up to 600V mains, isolation voltage of 8000V is required in CAT IV environments.

Vishay has recently introduced five Widebody optocouplers with creepage and clearance greater than 10mm that are recommended for use in extremely high voltage or induced noise environments.


  • IGBT driver for solar inverter, windmills, and welding
  • Variable frequency inverter IGBT driver for AC motor drives
  • Isolated line receiver
  • Smart meters
  • Fixed frequency inverter IGBT driver for welding equipment and UPS

Cross Reference

X-RefIGBT DriverHigh Speed 1MBdHigh Speed 1MBdHigh Speed 10MBdHigh Speed 10MBd
Vishay VOW3120VOW135 VOW136 VOW137 VOW2611
Avago HCNW3120 HCNW135 HCNW136 HCNW137 HCNW2611

VOWx Widebody Features

  • Creepage and clearance > 10mm
  • VIORM = 1414V, operating isolation voltage
  • VIOTM = 8000V, transient isolation voltage
  • Pin compatible to Avago HCNWx parts
VOW3120 IGBT Driver

  • 2.5A peak output current driving large IGBTs
  • Wide supply voltage up to 32V saves voltage regulator
  • Superior high noise isolation (CMR) up to 50,000V/μs


VOW135, VOW136 1MBd High Speed

  • Supply voltage up to 30V saves voltage regulator
  • Faraday shielding for high of CMR ≥ 1,000V/μs
  • Propagation delay ≤ 2μs
VOW137, VOW2611 10MBd High Speed

  • Faraday shielding for high CMR of 40,000V/μs typical
  • Propagation delay ≤ 100ns
  • Enable Pin for connection to common bus
    EC/EN 61010-1 Overvoltage Protection CategoryTransient Test Voltage
    CAT II 600V 4000V
    CAT III 300V 4000V
    CAT III 600V 6000V
    CAT IV 300V 6000V
    CAT III 1000V 8000V
    CAT IV 600V8000V