International Rectifier- Gen8 IGBT Family: New 1200V Gen8 IGBT Family Delivers Benchmark Efficiency and Ruggedness

IR has introduced a new generation Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology platform. The Generation 8 (Gen8) 1200V IGBT platform utilizes IR’s latest generation trench gate field stop technology delivered in industry standard TO-247 packages to offer best in class performance for industrial and energy saving applications.

Generation 8 IGBT has been specifically tailored for heavy industrial applications, where ruggedness and reliability are key requirements.

At lower switching frequencies conduction losses in the IGBT dominate the total power losses. With very low VCE(ON) Generation 8 IGBT offers high performance in motor drive applications with reduced overall losses.


  • Benchmark low VCE(ON)
  • 10μS short circuit SOA
  • Positive VCE(ON) temperature coefficient
  • Square RBSOA and high ILM rating
  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant

  • Industrial drives (<10kW)
  • General purpose drives (<10kW)


  • Industrial

The novel Gen8 devices are available with current ratings from 8A up to 60A with a typical VCE(ON) of 1.7V and a short circuit rating of 10µs to reduce power dissipation, resulting in increased power density and superior robustness.

The new technology offers softer turn-off characteristics ideal for motor drive applications, minimizing dv/dt to reduce EMI and over-voltage, increasing reliability and ruggedness.

A narrow distribution of parameters offers excellent current sharing when paralleling multiple IGBTs.

The thin wafer technology delivers improved thermal resistance and maximum junction temperature up to +175ºC.

Part Number PackageBV (V)I(nom) (A)VCE(ON) (V)Tsc (µs)
IRG8P08N120KD TO247 1200 8 1.7 10
IRG8P15N120KD TO247 1200 15 1.7 10
IRG8P25N120KD TO247 1200 25 1.7 10
IRG8P40N120KD TO247 1200 40 1.7 10
IRG8P50N120KD TO247 1200 50 1.7 10
IRG8P60N120KD TO247 1200 60 1.7 10