Littelfuse – 463 Series: 463 Series NANO2® Fuse Delivers High Current Rating in Small Footprint

The 463 series NANO² fuse is a fast-acting, very high current fuse designed for high operating current applications. It offers enhanced thermal cycling endurance (up to 500 cycles). Its low temperature rise and excellent temperature stability characteristics make it ideal for use in datacom and telecom equipment like high end servers, base stations, power supplies, and blade computing applications. The 463 series offers high amp circuit protection, ultra high interrupting ratings (up to 500A at 72VDC), and a compact (10.1 x 3.12 x 3.12mm) surface mount form factor to save board space.


  • Enables blade servers operating at higher power
  • Provides higher reliability in harsh thermal cycling conditions
  • Prevents nuisance tripping caused by transient surge during blade server hot swapping
  • Allows for greater flexibility in fuse placement on slim blade server boards
  • Ensures robust performance and reliable protection in ultra high ambient temperature working environments

  • High current rating (15A to 30A) with higher voltage up to 100VDC
  • Enhanced thermal cycling endurance
  • High melting i2t
  • Surface mount fuse in a small footprint
  • Operating temperature range from -55°C to +125°C


  • Datacom and telecom equipment