Panasonic – HE-V Series Power Relays, ERZ-E5 Series ZNR Metal-Oxide Varistors, ECW-U Series Film Capacitors and NN30 Series DC/DC Step Down Regulators


HE-V Series Power Relays
Space-Saving, High-Capacity DC Cutoff Relays

The HE-V Series is designed for usage within the solar, energy storage and inverter markets as a way to increase system efficiency as well as provide protection from high inrush currents. When connected in series, the two 1 form A contacts can cut off loads with a maximum switching capacity of 1000vdc, a 20A. The coil hold voltage has been reduced to 33% of the nominal coil voltage.

ERZ-E5 Series ZNR Metal-Oxide Varistors
Performance of a 7mm Device in a 5mm Size!

The NEW ERZ-E5 Series offers a finer, more uniform grain structure which facilitates enhanced performance while allowing for size reduction. Offering voltages ranging from 200 to 470V, the ERZ-E5 Series has the performance of a conventional 7mm diameter device in a 5mm diameter size, all with the same lead spacing for a true drop-in 7mm replacement.

ECW-U Series Film Capacitors
High-Temp, High-Voltage Film Capacitors

Using PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) as a dielectric, the ECW-U Series capacitors are designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 120 degrees centigrade with voltage ratings up to 630VDC. This series is highly recommended for general purpose applications where space saving is a very high concern.

NN30 Series DC/DC Step Down Regulators
Fast Response with Hysteretic DC/DC Core

The NN30 Series integrates power MOSFETs that employ a hysteretic control system. This provides a high-speed response that minimizes output voltage fluctuations in the presence of load current spikes. Simplification of the applied circuit is facilitated by the use of small capacitance capacitors as well as lack of need for external system phase compensation.






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