Renesas – RX100: True Low Power without Compromising Performance

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RX100 MCUs are great design choices for embedded systems that must minimize power consumption by running in sleep mode whenever possible, yet must wake-up quickly whenever there is a need to perform computing or control tasks. Renesas’ True Low Power capability offers designers the lowest possible power consumption across the entire temperature and voltage range, including all peripherals and Flash memory, while also providing maximum flexibility with multiple operational and sleep modes. Four different power-saving modes are available: Run, Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Software Standby. Wake-up time in low-power mode ranges from less than 1μs to 4.8μs.

Peripherals that aren’t required can be completely shut down in every mode. A flexible clock system allows peripherals to use a clock frequency from the one driving the CPU to achieve the lowest possible level of power consumption.

In run modes, the RX100 MCUs’ three different operating modes can be applied according to the demands of the application at any point in time: high speed, middle speed and low speed.

Run Mode ICLK FrequencyInternal Voltage
Regulator Mode
High Speed 8MHz - 32MHz High Power
Middle Speed 1MHz - 8MHz Middle Power
Low Speed 32kHz - 1MHz Low Power


Low Power Consumption, Fast Wake-up
Software Standby achieves a power consumption of only 350nA, with a 4.8µs wake-up time. Applications requiring a shorter wake-up can utilize the Sleep and Deep Sleep modes that reduce the delay to just 1µs.


We’ve got the right part for your Low Power project

RX100 Series , Peripheral Functions

RX113 RX111RX110
Cap Touch


RX111 Renesas Promotion Board (RPB)
The board was designed to showcase RX111 low power modes, featuring Pmod and energy harvesting connectors, and comes loaded with software and tools.

  • Integrated J-Link debugger
  • Power measurement built in
  • Applilet
  • e2studio toolchain
  • USB Demo

RPB Part Number: YRPBRX111 and RPBRX111

RX111 Renesas Starter Kit (RSK)
This complete RX111-based hardware/software platform for in-depth application design includes the E1 Debugger, a trial version of the e2studio and Renesas RX compiler and demonstration firmware.

RSK Part Number: YR0K505111S000BE and RSKRX111