TE Connectivity – MULTI-BEAM XLE Power Connectors

TE Connectivity’s MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors are the latest addition to the MULTI-BEAM XL power connector product family. MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors feature a new 3-beam contact, made from a thicker/higher conductivity material than the original single beam or 4-beam designs. The new 3-beam design allows for a greater angular misalignment between mating connectors and offers a lower mating force.

In addition, MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors offer a slimmer housing design that reduces the overall pcb footprint and has the option of using a low power contact – the industry proven Universal Power Module (UPM) contact. The new contacts and housing design allows more power in the same footprint – over 40% more current in the same space. MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors are as modular as the original MULTI-BEAM XL connectors in that they can be designed to fit specific customer needs. MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors are also available as pre-assembled cable assemblies.


  • Two hot-pluggable power contacts to choose from: 50A high power contact, 20A low power contact
  • Over 40% lower mating force than original MULTI-BEAM XL connectors
  • Over 40% more current in the same over all pcb space
  • Low wear contact design passes Telcordia environmental exposure requirements
  • New design allows more angular misalignment

  • Modular hot-swappable power supplies
  • 1U/2U servers
  • High-end computer and telecommunications equipment
  • Power distribution circuit boards
  • Power distribution cable assemblies