Vicor – Vicor Power Solutions From Source to Point-of-Load

Vicor power module components and design tools enable high performance, cost effective designs.

Front End and Point-of-Load Power Components

BCM®Bus Converter Module
260 – 410 VIN, Isolated HV Bus Converter
Output: 12 and 48 Vdc – isolated
Power: 12 VOUT = 1.5 kW, 48 VOUT = 1.2 or 1.75 kW
Peak efficiency: > 97%
Low Noise
Optional PMBus control and telemetry
Available in 6123 ChiP and full VI Chip packages

Cool-Power® ZVS Buck Regulators
Best-in-class density and efficiency
12 V and 24 VIN nominal buck regulators
LGA and ChiP packaged

Cool-Power® ZVS Buck-Boost Regulators
Over 98% efficiency
24 V and 48 VIN nominal buck-boost regulators
General purpose and VTM compatible versions
LGA and ChiP packaged

VI Chip PRM® ZVS Buck-Boost Regulators
Regulated, non-isolated buck-boost operation
24, 28, 36, 48 VIN
Up to 98% efficiency
Up to 250/600 W (parallelable) in half/full VI Chip package

VI Chip VTM® ZVS/ZCS Current Multipliers
Fixed-ratio solutions for high current delivery
Used with PRM and Cool-Power ZVS Buck-Boost products
for complete regulated DC-DC converter

Cool-Power® Isolated DC-DC Converters
Regulated, isolated DC-DC conversion
High performance DC ZVS converter
24 V, 28 V, 36 V, wide 48 VIN
Best-in-class density and efficiency

VI Chip DCM™ DC-DC Converters
Regulated, isolated DC-DC conversion
Up to 94% efficiency
Up to 1,244 W/in3
Ranges 9 – 420 VIN up to 600 W
2223, 3623, 4623 ChiP packaging

VI Chip BCM® Bus Converters
Non-regulated, isolated bus converter module
48 VIN, 3 – 48 VOUT
Up to 300 W (Full), 120 W (Half)
Up to 96%
Also 380/400 VIN versions for front-end systems