ams – TMG399x: IR Gesture, Color, ALS and Proximity Sensor Module with Mobeam™ Barcode Emulation

The TMG399x family of IR gesture sensor modules provides a highly integrated solution offering 5 functions essential for maximizing end user experience in today’s advanced communications and consumer electronics, enabling a coherent display and touchless user interface. Integrating touchless IR gesture detection, color, ambient light and proximity sensors, LED and Mobeam Barcode Emulation functionality provides system engineers enhanced design flexibility and efficiency. The TMG3992 offers the industry’s smallest footprint with a 7.9mm2 module package, ideally suited for applications such as mobile phones where area efficiency is critical for device functionality.

Gesture detection utilizes four directional photodiodes to sense reflected IR energy then converts this data into physical motion information including: velocity, direction and distance. The gesture engine features automatic ambient light subtraction, crosstalk cancellation, dual 8-bit data converters, power saving inter-conversion delay, 32-dataset FIFO, and interrupt driven I2C communication. The gesture engine accommodates a wide range of device gesturing requirements from simple North-South-East-West gestures to more complex gesture events. Power consumption and noise are minimized with adjustable IR LED timing and optimized gesture algorithms.


  • Enables next generation of UI beyond touch-screens
  • Ambient light sensing (ALS) for mobile handsets, tablets, notebooks, TVs, and monitors
  • Touchless gesture user interface for media players, photo viewers, eReaders, navigation, gaming, presentations, automotive center stack controls, portable entertainment system controls
  • System interface in controlled environments
  • Color temperature measurement
  • Mechanical switch replacement
  • e-Commerce via printed bar code emulation

  • Gesture detection, proximity, color/ALS
  • UV and IR blocking filters
  • Ambient light rejection
  • Trimmed to provide consistent reading
  • IR beam hardware support