Fairchild – FSL4110LR: The World’s First 1000V Integrated Power Switch

FSL4110LR: The World’s First 1000V Integrated Power Switch

The FSL4110LR integrates a VDMOS SenseFET (BVDSS=1000V) with built-in line compensation for wide input voltage range from 45Vac to 460Vac. It also includes built-in input over-voltage protection and a safe auto-restart mode for all protection conditions. The integrated PWM controller includes a fixed-frequency oscillator, Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), leading edge blanking (LEB), optimized gate driver, soft-start, temperature-compensated precise current sources for loop-compensation, and variable protection circuitry.

• Built-in avalanche rugged 1000V SenseFET
• VCC can be supplied from either bias-winding or self-biasing
• Random frequency fluctuation for low EMI
• Overload (OLP) and over-voltage protection (OVP)
• Internal thermal shutdown (TSD) with hysteresis
• 50kHz fixed operating frequency
• Soft burst-mode operation minimizing audible noise
• Pulse-by-pulse current limit
• Abnormal overcurrent protection (AOCP)
• Built-in internal start-up and soft start circuit