Littelfuse – 55300 Series: Rotary Hall Effect Sensor Offers Precise Angular Position Measurement

The 55300 series of Hall effect sensors provides precise 360° angular measurement for rotational position sensing.

The 55300 series of rotary absolute position sensors provides angular measurement between 0° and 360°. This Hall effect sensor is designed to operate in combination with a separate magnet offered by Littelfuse.

The internal design of the sensor uses non-contact magnetic Hall effect technology with options of analog or pulse width modulated (PWM) output signals. This sensor is immune to the performance limitations of electromechanical products that are associated with mechanical wear or contamination.

The 55300 package design commonly finds applications within all types of automotive, industrial, and consumer segments. Designed to operate in the harsh environments of the industrial and commercial vehicle, the sensor has an operating temperature range between -40°C and +105°C. This unit incorporates automotive grade EMI/EMC and reverse battery polarity protection, as well as commercial grade 20AWG-TXL automotive wire and the option of a sealed connector. The sensor design lends itself well to use in consumer appliances where rotary dials are provided for user controls.


  • Position sensing
  • Level sensing
  • Industrial controls
  • Home appliances

  • Full 360° angular sensing range
  • Programmable for analog output or PWM output
  • Integral EMI/EMC protection
  • Reverse battery polarity protection