TE Connectivity – Standard Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors

As the demands for higher density packaging of electronic equipment increase, the use of flexible printed circuits (FPC) to reduce size, weight and assembly costs has expanded.

As with their fine pitch FPC products, TE Connectivity´s larger pitch FPC connectors are also a great solution for routing signals through your device when standard wire-to-board products are too large or impractical.

Set on a larger centerline pitch, these FPC products are generally used in larger mobile devices such as handheld scanners, cameras and GPS units, as well as in larger applications such as set-top boxes, business equipment and industrial controls.


  • Multiple centerline spacing options
  • ZIF and non-ZIF versions available
  • Top and bottom contact options
  • Requires no application tooling

  • Consumer electronics
    • Handheld scanners
    • POS devices/payment terminals
    • Set-top boxes
    • PCs
    • PC peripherals
  • Business equipment
  • Industrial equipment
    • Industrial controls
    • Gas pumps
    • ATMs
    • Slot machines
  • Medical equipment