Exar – iML8684: AC Step Driver for LED Lighting

The iML8684 is a Three Terminal Current Controller (TTCC) for regulating the current flowing through an LED string. Unlike conventional AC driver solutions which use a single large driver, iML has patented a unique distributed architecture of multiple small, low cost drivers. This solution provides increased flexibility and a lower overall BOM cost as it uses much lower voltage technologies. It also improves heat dissipation as multiple devices are used across the PCB, evenly distributing the thermal load. The iML8684 can work as voltage controlled current source, current regulator, or cut-off. It is suitable for the applications adopting periodical AC voltage source. The PCB layout is also very flexible to meet various shape requirements. It is especially suitable for replacing incandescent light bulbs and linear type fluorescent lamps.


  • No electrolytic capacitor required
  • Compact size to minimize mechanical cost
  • Driver-on-board and chip-on-board available
  • High PF and Low THD performance
  • High efficiency achieved
  • Flexible PCB layout style
  • Wide range of LED forward voltage selection
  • Distributed heat to several chips
  • TRIAC dimmable
  • 88V input sustaining voltage
  • <3V dropout voltage for up to 150mA regulating current
  • 10k MSRP: $0.18 US