International Rectifier – IRS2983: Versatile IRS2983 LEDrivIR™ Control IC Simplifies Design and Reduces Part Count for High Performance Dimming Applications

The IRS2983 employs primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design by eliminating the opto-isolator and other components necessary for isolated feedback for fixed loads.

The device also features a rapid start-up circuit that drastically reduces the turn-on time of the system.


  • The new IC controller offers high power factor and low THD with output current regulation over wide input range for fixed load applications. Comprehensive protection features include hiccup mode over-voltage protection, cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection and open and short circuit protection.
  • Traditional incandescent, halogen, and CFL light sources are rapidly being replaced by LED bulbs and fixtures. The flyback converter is the preferred power supply topology for a large segment of the LED driver market as flyback LED drivers provide an attractive tradeoff between cost and performance.

  • Flyback or buck-boost LED driver with output power in range of 5W to 100W
  • TRIAC dimming option

  • Flyback LED driver
  • Critical-conduction/transition mode operation
  • Maximum frequency limit, discontinuous mode operation at light load
  • Primary constant power control (primary side regulator)
  • High voltage rapid start-up
  • Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
  • Hiccup mode over-voltage protection
  • High power factor
  • Low THD
  • TRIAC dimming option
  • Micropower start-up
  • Low quiescent current
  • Latch immunity and ESD protection
  • Noise immunity


Part Package Output Sink Current Min (mA)Output Source Current Min (mA)VCCUV- (V)VCCUV+ (V)
IRS2983S8-lead SOIC 400 200 10.5 12.5