International Rectifier – IRS29831: Highly Integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR™ Control IC Optimized for Single Stage Flyback and Buck-Boost Topologies

The highly integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR control IC is optimized for single stage flyback and buck-boost topologies used in LED drivers including LED bulb replacement, LED tube lighting and down lights.


  • LED bulb replacement
  • LED tube lighting
  • LED down lights

  • Flyback or buck-boost LED driver with integrated 700V MOSFET
  • High voltage start-up
  • Primary constant power control
  • Critical conduction/transition mode operation
  • High power factor/low THD
  • Minimum off time/frequency limit
  • Open load/over-voltage protection
  • Burst mode operation at light load
  • Primary cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
  • Low quiescent current
  • Latch immunity and ESD protection
  • Compatible with TRIAC dimmers

  • Employing accurate primary side power regulation, the IRS29831 integrates an LED driver control IC and power MOSFET utilizing 700V technology and features high voltage start-up to offer a simple cost effective single stage solution while maintaining a high power factor and low total harmonic distortion (THD) for improved efficiency.
  • IRS29831-based LED driver circuits also offer smooth, flicker-free dimming with TRIAC based dimmers.
  • The device can also operate over a wide input voltage range.


Part Topology Package
IRS29831Flyback/buck-boost 8-pin DIP