ON Semiconductor – NCL30085, NCL30086 and NCL30088: Power Factor Corrected AC/DC Drivers for LED Lighting

The NCL30085, NCL30086 and NCL30088 utilize a power factor corrected current control algorithm which makes them suitable for flyback, buck-boost, and SEPIC topologies. By operating in quasi-resonant mode these devices are able to deliver optimum efficiency across wide line and load levels. The innovative control methodology they employ allows strict current regulation to be achieved (within 2% typically) solely from the primary side.


  • Quasi-resonant peak current mode control operation
  • Constant current control with primary side feedback
  • Tight LED constant current regulation of ±2% typical
  • Power factor correction
  • 3 step dimming (70/25/5%)
  • Line feed-forward for enhanced regulation accuracy
  • Low start-up current (10A typ.)
  • Wide VCC range
  • 300mA/500mA totem pole driver with 12V gate clamp
  • Robust protection features
  • 10k MSRP: $0.65 US