ON Semiconductor – NCL3008x: Power Factor Corrected Primary Side Control LED Drivers

The new NCL3008x family of PWM controllers combines precise primary side quasi-resonant current control with active power factor correction targeting isolated flyback and non-isolated buck-boost/SEPIC constant current LED drivers. The devices are able to tightly regulate a constant LED current from the primary side, eliminating the need for secondary side feedback circuitry or an octocoupler reducing the number of external components. A robust suite of safety protection features is built in to further simplify the design.



  • Constant current control with primary side feedback, no octocoupler required
  • PFC of >0.99+ and low THD
  • User programmable thermal foldback
  • Wide VCC operating range
  • Several dimming versions available

  • Downlights
  • LED linear tube replacements
  • LED light engines
  • Smart lighting drivers
  • Electronics control gear for LED systems
Part Number Target Application Dimming
NCL30085Retrofit bulbs and drivers 2 level step
NCL30086 Smart lighting Analog and digital
NCL30088 Retrofit bulbs and tubes/drivers N/A