Renesas – RL78/I1D MCU Series: Introducing RL78/I1D MCUs – For Your Low-Power Building Automation and Lighting Needs

The new RL78/I1D MCU series targets power-sensitive and critical applications like smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass-break detectors, and GFCI solutions. With high integration of analog peripherals, built-in hardware safety features and flexible clocking sources, the RL78/I1D will help you achieve the lowest power and best performance for your solutions’ needs!
Click here for your RL78/I1D-based detector reference designs.


Providing the key features you need for low-power automation devices:

  • Low power
  • Analog integration (Op-Amps, comparators, 12-bit A/D)
  • Fast wake up time
  • High-accuracy on-chip oscillator

Power Management Options

  • Operating: 57μA/MHz
  • Halt: 0.64mA (RTC + LVD)
  • Stop: 220nA (RAM retained)
  • Snooze: 700μA (UART), 500μA (ADC mode)

Analog Integration

  • A/D: 17 channels, 12-bit, 3.375ms conversion time
  • Internal voltage reference and temperature sensor 1.8V operation
  • Up to 4 Op-Amps with high-speed and low-power mode
  • Window comparators, Op-Amp signal input with ELC connection

Fast Wake up

  • 4μsec fast wake up from STOP mode

Multiple On-Board Clock Sources

  • 24Mhz OSC (+/- 1%)
  • 4Mhz OSC (+/-12%, 4μsec fast wake up)
  • 15kHz OSC (+/-15%)
  • 1-20Mhz HS Crystal input
  • 32kHz LS Crystal input

RL78/I1D Devices Available

Part # PackageFlash (KB)Data Flash (KB)RAM (KB)
R5F11768GSP#30 20-pin LSSOP 8 2 0.7
R5F1176AGSP#30 20-pin LSSOP 16 2 2
R5F117A8GSP#30 30-pin LSSOP 8 2 0.7
R5F117AAGSP#30 30-pin LSSOP 16 2 2
R5F117ACGSP#30 30-pin LSSOP 32 2 3
R5F117BAGFP#30 32-pin LQFP 16 2 2
R5F117BCGFP#30 32-pin LQFP 32 2 3
R5F117GAGFB#30 48-pin LFQFP 16 2 2
R5F117GCGFB#30 48-pin LFQFP 32 2 3