TE Connectivity – LUMAWISE LED Holder Type Z50

As the connective core of optics ecosystems, LUMAWISE LED holders are pre-engineered to ensure optimal LED placement by integrating electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical connectivity.

LUMAWISE products are designed for common thermal interface materials (TIMs) as well as secondary optical interfaces for off-the-shelf optics. Design in LUMAWISE LED holders and check for TE’s new extensions for CREE, NICHIA, OSRAM Opto, and Philips Lumileds.


  • Simplify installation with snap-in LED retention to help secure the LED to the holder before mounting
  • Save time with a poke-in wire connection that eliminates the need to solder the LED
  • Minimize the influence of thermal plastic deformation with a smart mechanical construction that provides down force and electrical connection over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Make easy and clean thermal paste application possible with built-in excess paste overflow feature
  • Provide application flexibility with a specified and stable landing area for additional secondary optics
  • Ensure a firm, mechanical fit to the LED holder with a smartly designed optic feature
  • Support optics from Carclo, Khatdo, LEDIL and others

  • Spotlights
  • Down lights
  • Stage lights
  • Wall washers
  • Architectural lighting
Part Number
2213401-1 LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Low Profile 1818
2213401-2LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Standard Profile 1818
2213407-1LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Low Profile 2424
2213407-2 LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Standard Profile 2424
2213382-1 LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Low Profile 1619
2213382-2LUMAWISE LED Holder Z50 Standard Profile 1619