Vishay – SiC788 & SiC789: VRPower Integrated DrMOS Power Stages Deliver High Power Density

The SiC788 and SiC789 are integrated power stage solutions optimized for synchronous buck applications to offer high current, high efficiency, and high power density performance. Packaged in Vishay’s proprietary 6 x 6mm MLP package, SiC788 and SiC788A enable voltage regulator designs to deliver up to 50A continuous current per phase. The internal power MOSFETs utilize Vishay’s state-of-the-art Gen IV TrenchFET technology that delivers industry benchmark performance to significantly reduce switching and conduction losses.


  • Thermally enhanced PowerPAK MLP66-40L package
  • Gen IV MOSFET technology with integrated Schottky diode
  • Delivers up to 60A continuous current
  • 95% peak efficiency
  • Up to 1.5MHz frequency operation
  • Power MOSFETs optimized for 12V input stage
  • 3.3V (A version)/5V PWM logic with tri-state and hold-off
  • SMOD# logic for light load efficiency improvement
  • Low PWM propagation delay (<20ns)
  • Thermal monitor flag
  • Faster enable/disable
  • Under-voltage lockout for VCIN