Laird – BT900-US: Intelligent BT/BLE Dongle Featuring smartBASIC NO EXTERNAL Bluetooth Stack Needed!

Laird’s BT900-US product expands upon the BT900 series of modules for embedded devices, to leverage Classic BT and Bluetooth low energy support to PCs, laptops and mobile computers.
The BT900-US USB dongle has been developed to take advantage of the BT900-SA module, providing a simple and easy way to add Classic Bluetooth, BLE Central, and BLE Peripheral mode to virtually ANY operating system with a USB interface. The operating systems supported through the BT900-US are Windows, Windows Embedded, MAC OSx, Linux and Android.

In addition, Laird’s smartBASIC applications allow anyone to quickly get their application up and running without any BT/BLE expertise required.

The event-driven smartBASIC language, unique to the wireless industry, offers built-in functions that replace thousands of lines of C code with a few abstracted lines of smartBASIC.

Laird’s approvals extend to your design with no additional testing, making them a fast and efficient route to production.

Let Laird’s innovative BT900-US and decades of expertise in Bluetooth design speed your end to end wireless application to market.


  • Bluetooth v4.0 dual mode (BT and BLE)
  • Virtual COM port implementation – huge array of supported operating systems
  • smartBASIC powers rapid design and deployment
  • Supports SPP and any BLE peripheral or central roles
  • Supports simultaneous BT and BLE connections
  • Standalone operation – no need for external Bluetooth stack or power supply


  • Logistics: mobile computers, printers, barcode scanners
  • POS: kiosks and terminals
  • Medical: carts, monitors and peripherals
  • Industrial: PC connectivity to sensors, actuators, etc.