Microchip – RN2483: Long Range Meets Low Power

The RN2483 is a fully-certified Sub-GHz, 433/868 MHz module based on proprietary wireless LoRa™ technology. The RN2483 utilizes a unique spread spectrum modulation and proprietary protocol within the Sub-GHz band to enable:
• Incredibly long range – greater than 15km
• Low power – 10 year battery life
• High network capacity to gateways – up to 1 million nodes

The RN2483 includes an embedded LoRaWAN Class A protocol enabling seamless connectivity to the pre-established LoRa network infrastructure. The module is specifically designed for ease of use, which shortens development time, speeding time to market.

LoRa technology is ideal for battery-operated sensors and low power applications like IoT, M2M, Smart City, Sensor networks, Industrial automation, and more.


Module Features
• Complete stack ready in system
• Simple ASCII command interface through UART
• Full agency certification in place
• Works with any microcontroller

Module Specifications

Part Number Output Power (dBm)Frequency (MHz) PackageSensitivity (dBm) RangeSize (mm) Certification
RN2483-I/RM+10 at 433MHz
+14 at 868MHz
433, 868 (Europe)Surface mount module-148>15 km (suburban)17.8 x 26.7 x 3European R&TTE

LoRa Development Tool
The RN-2483-PICtail™/PICtail Plus is a development tool for prototyping new designs using the Microchip RN2483 LoRa module. It includes a USB interface for convenient demo and experimentation and the PICtail and PICtail Plus interfaces for connecting to Microchip development boards.

RN2483 LoRa Technology PICtail/PICtail Plus Daughter Board (part number RN-2483-PICtail)

RN2483 LoRa Technology PICtail/PICtail Plus Daughter Board (part number RN-2483-PICtail)