Panasonic – Bluetooth Low Energy RF Module, Wireless Charging Control LSI, PAN1026 Series RF Module and NFC Tag LSI


Bluetooth® Low Energy RF Module
PAN1326B/1316B Series

The New PAN1326B/1316B Series Bluetooth RF Modules from Panasonic feature both Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth connectivity, based on Texas Instruments’ new CC2564B controller, in an easy-to-use RF Module format. This improved dual-mode Bluetooth SMART READY Module has increased system and power efficiency.

Wireless Charging Control LSI
High-Performance ESD Suppression

Panasonic’s wireless power control ICs support all equipment conforming to WPC 1.1 (Qi standard) of the Wireless Power Consortium. When Panasonic’s transmitter (NN32251A-VT) and receiver (AN32258A-PR) are used together, they achieve a high-efficiency energy conversion of over 70% as a Qi standard charger.

PAN1026 Series RF Module
Place and Play Bluetooth® Module

Panasonic’s dual mode PAN1026 Series features an embedded ARM processor, Bluetooth 4.0, SPP, command set API and integrated antenna. This cost-engineered solution is based on a single chip solution that integrates an ARM processor with a Bluetooth controller. Bluetooth 4.0 combines the data rate of Bluetooth Classic (3Mb/s) and ultra-fast connection time of Bluetooth Low Energy (3mS).

Near Field Communication

The new NFC Tag LSI from Panasonic features ultra low power and high security. This series can be used in all applications that utilize near field communication technology. With 4kB of integrated non-volatile FeRAM, the NFC Tag LSI provides fast, robust, and secure data storage.






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