Renesas – RX64M and RX63N: Superior Connectivity and High Performance Combined with 4MB of Flash Memory and 512KB of SRAM

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The RX64M Group of MCUs embeds the largest flash and SRAM together to date in a 32-bit general-purpose MCU to enable the Internet of Things. Based on the new RXv2 CPU core, the RX64M Group runs up to 120MHz with zero wait state from the high-speed embedded flash memory and features high-speed real-time performance and large memory capacities. The RX64M MCUs offer system designers a path to quickly and efficiently develop high performance, low-power industrial applications, network, equipment, and other connectivity applications.

Renesas’ RX600 series includes a complete line of 32-bit MCUs that can meet your high performance, connectivity, LCD drive and motor control requirements.

High Performance

  • New RXv2 CPU Core offering 2.00DMIPS per MHz and 4.25 CoreMark™ per MHz with enhancements
    for floating point and digital signal processing operations
  • Industry’s only 40nm embedded flash process with zero wait states up to 120MHz, integrating up to 4MB Flash and 512KB SRAM
  • With RXv2 CPU Core and 40nm, RX64M consumes only 133μA per MHz with all peripherals off

Superior Connectivity

  • Dual Ethernet with IEEE 1588 Version 2 support
  • Dual USB with Full Speed support
  • Three CAN channels
  • SD Host Interface transfer speed up to 15Mbytes/sec
  • MMC Interface transfer speed up to 30Mbytes/sec
  • QSPI transfer speed up 120Mbits/sec
  • SPI transfer speed up to 30Mbits/sec
  • SCI with FIFO transfer speed up to 15Mbits/sec
  • Camera Interface with 8-bit parallel data interface
  • Two channels I2S compliant Serial Sound Interface

Evaluate the RX64M and RX63N MCUs for your connectivity applications.

RX64M Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) – Development Platform
Part No: YR0K50564MS000BE

  • CPU board
  • Detachable color LCD board Pmod™ compatible
  • C/C++ compiler package for RX family evaluation version
  • E1 emulator
  • e2studio IDE
RX63N Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) – Full Development Platform
Part No: R0K50563NS000BE

  • CPU board (R5F563NBDDFC)
  • Detachable LCD display module
  • E1 emulator
  • Compiler for RX family evaluation version
  • HEW and Eclipse e2studio IDEs