TE Connectivity – AMP Power Series: Designed for Power – Universal Power Module

1. Universal Power Module (UPM) connectors meet IEC 60950 touch-safe requirements and are offered in standard power (rated at 10 A per contact) and high power grades (rated at 16 A per contact), resulting in up to 100 A per linear inch. UPM connectors are available for right angle, vertical, mezzanine and co-planar applications, feature a hot plug design contact with three mating sequence levels and provide high durability and reliability.

2. AMP Power series connectors provide a durable, quick connect/disconnect means to transmit “power” levels of current and voltage (15-275 A, 600 V AC/DC). This product family is divided into eight series, based upon approximate current-carrying capability and is primarily comprised of single-pole and 2-pole (battery) connector housings, snap-in contacts and accessories.