TE Connectivity – Inverted Thru Board Card Edge and Poke-In Connectors


The Inverted Card Edge and Inverted Poke-In Platform are two-position, one piece connectors that share the same PC board footprint while offering flexibility in providing either a direct card edge mating solution or a poke-in wire connection to the underside of the LED array boards.

They provide a direct power connection between driver boards located on the underside of LED array boards found in most LED bulb designs. These connectors provide a minimum of at least 3.0mm creep and clearance distance from the connector contacts to any dead metal features within the lighting system design. The Inverted Poke-In connector provides an additional 1.0mm depth to accommodate wire insulation guide barrels on the bottom of the connector.


  • Save time and cost by eliminating secondary SMT assembly processes by processing the ITB connectors at the same time as all other components on the printed circuit board
  • Minimize LED light obstruction and shadowing with low profile connector design
  • Provide increased stability with surface mount hold downs during driver board mating, un-mating and poke-in mating
  • Improve speed and reduce cost of assembly with a connector design that allows for vacuum pick and place and the versatility of either tape and reel or loose piece packaging
  • Meet specific design requirements with the Inverted Poke-In connector’s ability to accommodate 18-22AWG and 24-26AWG wire
  • Provide a touch safe design once soldered to the printed circuit board with an optional cap available for both the Inverted Poke-In and the Inverted Card Edge connectors

  • Retrofit LED bulbs
  • Track lighting
  • Spot lights
  • Down lights