ams – AS-MLV-P2: MEMS VOC Gas Sensor

The AS-MLV-P2 MEMS gas sensor component for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is accurate, small and power efficient. The AS-MLV-P2 sensor produces a precisely varying resistance in response to changes in ambient levels of pollutants commonly found in indoor environments.

Whether for air quality, safety or control, sensor applications have one common requirement: a reliable sensor component. ams’ ability to micro-machine sensor chips using standard silicon wafer technology allows us to produce consistently reliable sensors in high volumes for mass market applications.

ams’ AS-MLV-P2 high performance sensor component is highly sensitive to volatile organic compounds for superior monitoring of indoor air quality. Produced using a combination of thin-film, thick-film and other patent-pending proprietary technologies developed by ams, the AS-MLV-P2 component is available in a package with ultimate design efficiency. AS-MLV-P2 sensor component chips are fabricated using silicon technology. The platinum heater and inter-digital electrode structures are placed on an approximately one micrometer-thin LPCVD silicon nitride membrane to achieve the lowest possible power consumption. A highly reproducible tin dioxide-based sensitive layer is deposited over the inter-digital electrodes, forming a gas concentration dependent conductivity. AS-MLV-P2 is reflow capable and can be connected via edge connectors.


  • 2.7V for +320°C
  • 34mW at +320°C
  • Reflow capable

  • Monitoring indoor air quality in smart home, IoT and other consumer applications


  • High sensitivity to VOCs
  • Very low power consumption
  • Long-term stability
  • Long lifetime
  • Reflow capable
  • Edge connectors