Diodes – APR3415 and APR34309: Secondary-Side Synchronous Rectifiers

The APR3415 and APR34309 are secondary-side synchronous rectifiers, which combine an N-MOSFET and an optimized driver circuit for DCM synchronous rectification (SR) power supplies. Both devices integrate an output voltage detect function for primary side control systems. The N-channel MOSFET has been optimized for low gate charge, low RDS(ON) and fast switching speed with fast body diode reverse recovery performance. The APR3415 and APR34309 devices significantly reduce the power dissipation and provide a more reliable solution than traditional rectifier solutions.


  • Synchronous rectification for DCM operation flyback
  • Eliminate resonant ring Interference
  • Fast detector of supply voltages
  • Fewest external components
  • 3.3V to 6V operating voltage
  • 8 and 17mΩ RDS(ON)
  • 100μA operating current
  • SO-8EP package