Renesas – RZ/A1 Series: The Renesas RZ Family of ARM-based High-Performance MPUs Innovative Architecture & Advanced Integration

Renesas RZ/A1 series microprocessors (MPUs) offer an innovative architecture based on the ARM Cortex®-A9 processor and up to an industry-leading 10MB of on-chip memory. RZ/A1 MPUs can execute code at 1000 DMIPS from the abundant on-chip memory or in-place from inexpensive QSPI memory, while using on-chip memory for graphics buffering up to WXGA (1280×800) resolution. The 128-bit wide internal memory bus with x4 parallel access enables higher-throughput memory access as compared to systems with external DDR memory. The RZ/A1 series offers enormous advantages in terms of BOM cost, performance, power consumption, and system design time, making it the right choice for HMI (Human Machine Interface) and other system-on-chip applications.

  • Remove the need for external DRAM
  • Execute code from on-chip RAM or in-place from inexpensive serial flash memory
  • Choose from three sizes of on-chip RAM: 3MB (RZ/A1L), 5MB (RZ/A1M), and 10MB (RZ/A1H)
  • Match system peripheral requirements to three device variants to reduce BOM cost
  • Implement up to two independent LCD displays with WXGA (1280×800) resolution for impressive graphical user interfaces

Renesas RZ/A1 solution streamlines board design and reduces BOM cost

Up to 10MB on-chip RAM

  • For code execution/data buffering 128-bit memory bus
  • With parallel (x4) access to deliver superior memory throughput

Execute-In-Place (XIP) from inexpensive QSPI memory

  • With three layers of cache

LCD controller to drive up to two independent WXGA displays

  • For vivid displays
Lower BOM Cost

  • No external SDRAM or LCD controller
  • Simpler voltage regulators
  • Reduced PCB layers

Increased Performance

  • 1000 DMIPS at 400MHz
  • 6x throughput of 333MHz 16-bit DDR2

Decreased Power Consumption

  • Fewer board components
  • No copying of code from flash to RAM

Accelerate Time to Market

  • Simpler PCB design
  • Decreased EMI via reduced switching
  • No DDR procurement issues


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