Fairchild – FUSB300C: Low Power Programmable USB Type-C Controller

The FUSB300C is a flexible, thin client solution for USB Type-C control. This product is a generic hardware solution that targets system designers looking to implement a DRP/DFP/UFP USB Type-C connector while providing the software flexibility for multiple platform support. The FUSB300C performs USB Type-C detection including attach and orientation. The FUSB300C automates VBUS threshold detection as well as the various charging current levels. The FUSB300C also includes an integrated VCONN power switch.


  • Type-C detection of attach and orientation
  • Supports dual role port (DRP)
  • Upstream facing port (UFP)
  • Alternate interfaces
  • Flexible multi-platform support through I2C programmability
  • Downstream facing port (DFP)
  • Accessory modes
  • 1.2 x 1.2mm WLCSP package