Microchip – MCP3919/12: 3V 3/4-Channel Analog Front End for Energy-Measurement

The MCP3919 and MCP3912 integrate three and four channels of 24-bit, delta-sigma analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), respectively, with industry-leading accuracy of 93.5dB SINAD, -107dB THD and 112dB SFDR for precise signal acquisition and higher performing end products. These are the optimal numbers of channels for single-phase energy meters with neutral monitoring (3-channel); or single-phase, three-wire energy meters (4-channel). The high level of integration on the new AFEs also includes a low-drift voltage reference, programmable gain amplifiers, phase-delay compensation and cyclic redundancy check (CRC).


  • 0.1% typical active power measurement error
  • 2.7V to 3.6V AVDD, DVDD
  • Up to 125ksps programmable data rate
  • 16-bit CRC checksum and interrupt alert
  • -122dB crosstalk between the two channels
  • Low drift 1.2V internal voltage reference
  • Differential voltage reference input pins
  • High gain PGA on each channel (up to 32V/V)
  • Phase delay compensation with 1µs time resolution
  • Separate data ready pin for easy synchronization
  • 28-lead QFN and SSOP packages
  • 5k MSRP: $1.84 US