Rohm Semiconductor – BH1745NUC: Digital 16-bit Serial Output Color Sensor IC

BH1745NUC is digital color sensor IC with I2C bus interface. The high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and excellent IRcut characteristics make this IC the most suitable to obtain the illuminance and color temperature of ambient light for adjusting LCD backlight. The BH1745NUC leverages original infrared removal technology and computing methods to achieve the industry’s highest infrared cutoff characteristics, reducing the effects of infrared rays by over 10x compared with conventional products.


  • IRcut filter achieves excellent IRcut characteristics
  • Supports low transmittance (dark) window
  • Power down function achieves low current consumption
  • 1.8V logic interface
  • Two I2C bus slave address
  • 0.005 to 40k lx light intensity range
  • I2C bus Interface (f/s mode support)
  • Rejecting 50Hz/60Hz light noise
  • Programmable interrupt function
  • 4k MSRP: $0.72 US