Vishay – TSSP4038 and TSSP58038: Reflective Presence Sensing Up to 2.5 Meters

Vishay’s long range, reflective sensors include a discrete infrared emitter which sends out a 38kHz modulated signal and a fixed gain IR receiver.

While Vishay’s receivers for remote control have an adjustable gain, a reflective sensor needs repeatable response regardless of the changes in ambient lighting. A fixed gain allows developers to determine the exact response for their application environment. Range and response are controlled by using an aperture to control the amount of light reaching the receiver and by adjusting the forward current of the emitter. The fixed gain receivers are also used in ‘beam break’ applications at a range up to 25 meters.

Kit components are available along with Arduino based software.

Part Numbers:TSSP4038 and TSSP58038


  • Toys
  • Automatic flush toilets, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, and faucets
  • Attract-mode on interactive LCD displays, slot machines
  • Vending machine drop sensors
  • Garage door safety switches
  • Moving sidewalks and escalator activation