Vishay – Vishay SurfLight™ Infrared Emitters with 940nm Peak Wavelength and Radiant Intensity to 600mW/sr

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Semiconductor has introduced a new series of 940-nm infrared emitters built on SurfLight™ technology. The emitters provide up to five times greater radiant intensity than standard IR emitters, reducing component counts, improving performance, and lowering solution costs in a wide range of infrared illumination, data transmission, and gesture recognition applications.

Unlike standard IR emitters that emit light in all directions, Vishay’s SurfLight devices emit nearly all the light and power out of the top of the chip resulting in higher intensity: up to an exceptionally high 600mW/sr for the leaded emitter and 120mW/sr for the SMD devices.

Applications include: data transmission, light barriers, photointerrupters, optical switches, IR flash, and IR illumination. Emitters ending in –X01 are qualified to theAEC-Q101 automotive standard.

The IR emitters offer fast rise and fall times of 10ns, low forward voltages down to 1.32V at 20mA, and radiant power to 55mW. The IR emitters are suitable for high pulse current operation and offer a floor life up to four weeks.

Part Number PackageAngle of Half Intensity
( ° )
Radiant IntensityA (mW/sr)
SLY5940 T1¾ (5 mm) ± 3 600
VSMY1940X01 0805 ± 60 10
VSMY2940G Gullwing ± 10 120
VSMY2940RG Reverse Gullwing ± 10 120
VSMY3940X01 PLCC-2 ± 60 15
VSMY12940 Top View, Lens ± 40 16B
VSMY14940 Side View, Lens ± 9 82B

A IF=100 mA, B IF=70 mA