ams – TDC-GP30 Ultrasonic Flow Converter


– Best-in-class for power-efficiency and accuracy
- 20 years battery operation with single AA-size battery
- Flow firmware calculates volume and temperature

The SoC TDC-GP30 significantly simplifies electronics for ultrasonic water meters.

It is highly accurate and extremely energy efficient; the TDC-GP30 heralds a new era for a full static measurement method in ultrasonic flow measurement. The integrated 32-bit μP performs mathematically complex and computationally intensive flow calculations with all the necessary corrections in an extremely power-efficient manner, while the external micro-processor is fully relieved of this task.

TDC-GPC30 is a new member of the UFC (Ultrasonic Flow Converter) family. The design of new ultrasonic flow meters can be greatly simplified and shortened by the TDC-GP30, allowing manufacturers to develop cheaper, more compact and energy efficient ultrasonic meters. The TDC-GP30 is a System-on-Chip solution with extremely low power consumption, which undertakes all the measurement tasks up to the calibrated output value.


  • High performance + ultra-low power 32-bit CPU with 4k NVRAM and 4k ROM
  • Up to 31 multi-hits for flow measurement yield the highest accuracy
  • Advanced high precision analog part
  • Transducers can be connected directly to GP30, no external components required
  • Amplitude measurements of receiving signal
    for secure bubble, aging and empty spool
    piece detection
  • High update rates with very low power
    consumption of for example 9.5μA at 8Hz


  • Ultrasonic water meters
  • Ultrasonic heat meters
  • Ultrasonic gas meters
  • Industrial flow indicators


  • Lowest power solution for ultrasonic water meters
  • On-chip firmware allows fastest time-to-market
  • Best measurement performance for leakage