Cambridge CMOS Sensors – CCS_EVK02 evaluation kit measures VOCs and CO Levels in the Atmosphere

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Measure VOCs and CO Levels in the Atmosphere with New Easy to Use Kit. The CCS_EVK02 evaluation kit from Cambridge CMOS Sensors enables easy testing of, and development with, the CCS80x family of ultra low power metal-oxide gas sensors.

The CCS801 detects total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide and ethanol (alcohol) breath analysis, whereas the CCS803 is optimized just for ethanol (alcohol) for breath analysis. Patented CMOS MEMS micro-hotplate technology provides for sensor miniaturization, very low power consumption and very fast response times.

The kit includes a main processor board to which a sensor daughter board for each of the CCS801 and CCS803 may be connected.

    Also in the kit are:

  • Windows®-based software (CCS_EV02) for set-up, measurement and logging results
  • USB-to-mini-USB cable
  • User guide

The CCS_EVK02 evaluation kit’s software supports evaluation of the different modes of operation, DC or pulsed mode. With the software, the user can also select configurations for driving and monitoring the CCS80x devices.


  • 5V, 400mA DC power supply
  • USB2.0 interface
  • I2C interface


  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide or toxic gas alarms
  • Alcohol breathalyzers