Cypress – Serial NOR Flash Memory

Serial NOR Flash Memory – 3V FL Family (16Mb to 1Gb) and 1.8V FS Family (128Mb to 512Mb)

The Cypress Serial flash family offers the highest density SPI flash and supports lower pin counts, enables lower overall system cost and offers fast read/write performance.

These benefits, coupled with a flexible sector architecture, make the Cypress FL and FS familes an ideal solution for a variety of industrial, consumer electronics and automotive applications, with performance that matches or in some cases, exceeds conventional parallel I/O NOR flash memory.

The Cypress FL-S and FS-S SPI families also offer increased levels of read/write performance and functionality with an enhanced feature set, delivering an effective data throughput while maintaining backward compatibility with legacy solutions, enabling easy migrations. With read speeds up to 133MHz clock speed in single/dual/ quad I/O mode and 80MHz for double data rate (DDR) modes, these devices deliver up to 80MB/sec of read throughput. In addition, industry leading programming performance of up to 1.08MB/s speeds manufacturing throughput and lowers programming costs dramatically, while the available deep power down mode enables the device to operate in the lowest possible power consumption state.


  • Voltage : 2.7V to 3.6V VCC (All), 1.65V to 3.6V VIO (FL-S), 1.70V to 2.0V (FS-S)
  • Densities : 16Mb to 1Gb
  • Interface : x1, x2, x4
  • Sector Type : Uniform 4KB, Uniform 64KB, Uniform 256KB (128Mb to 1Gb FL-S); 8 x 4KB and 1x32KB at top/ bottom with all remaining sectors 64KB (128/256Mb FS-S); 8x4KB and 1 x 224KB at top/bottom with all remaining sectors 256KB; option of uniform 256KB (512Mb FS-S)
  • Performance : Up to 133MHz (SDR) Up to 80MHz (DDR)
  • Temperature Range : -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +105°C
  • Security : Advanced sector protection, OTP region, security registers with OTP lock down, software/hardware protection modes, unique ID


  • Digital TV and peripherals
  • Set-top boxes
  • High-end printers
  • DSL modems
  • Optical disk drives
  • Wireless LANs
  • Automotive infotainment/clusters
  • Network storage
  • Smart meters
  • Medical
  • Digital cameras
  • Bluetooth®


  • Industry standard, SOIC, USON/WSON and BGA
  • Wafer and die form