Infineon – ISOFACE™: Galvanic Isolated 8-Channel High Side Switches for Industrial Control Applications


The ISO1H81xG product family
The ISO1H81xG family offers parallel and serial 3.3V/5V μC-interfaces, facilitating straight forward connection with virtually any μC, μP, ASIC or FPGA.

The ISO1H81xG products enable OEM-product designs which meet the stringent EMI requirements of the IEC 61131-2 norm (zone C) applicable for Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC).


Evaluation Boards:

  • ISO1H811G-EVAL SP000788824
  • ISO1H812G-EVAL SP000788826
  • ISO1H815G-EVAL SP000788828
  • ISO1H816G-EVAL SP000788830
  • -SP001074052 reference design board containing ISO1H812G (digital out) and ISO1I813T (digital in)
    -SP000963318 microcontroller XMC4500: 120MHz, 1MByteFlash, 160kB SRAM and ISOFACETM ISO1H812G (digital out) ISO1I811T (digital in)

    Product Family OverviewISO1H811GISO1H812GISO1H815GISO1H816G
    SwitchVBB operational range: 11V to 35V
    Max. continuous load current per channel0.6A0.6A1.2A1.2A
    Load current increase by using outputs in parallel
    Inductive clamping energy per channel:1Joule
    μC InterfaceTypeparallelserialparallelserial
    Nominal voltages3.3V/5V3.3V/5V3.3V/5V3.3V/5V
    Safety FeaturesIsolation voltage: VISO = 500V, UL508 and EN 61131-2 certified
    Active current limitation
    Thermal shutdown
    Common output disable pin
    Diagnostics FeedbackOver-temperature
    VBB under-voltage
    Package DSO-36 (16 x 14mm)
    Infineon Ordering CodeSP000413798SP000413800SP000555576SP000555578


    • Robust galvanic isolation (UL508 and EN 61131-2 certified) to protect the 3.3V/5V control domain of an industrial control system from the harsh 24V (typ.) process side
    • 8-channel high side power-switching capabilities of up to 1.2A per channel
    • Active current limitation and over-temperature protection
    • Common diagnostic feedback for over-temperature and for VBB under-voltage


    • PLCs
    • Distributed control systems
    • General control equipment
    • Robotics
    • Solid state relay