TE Connectivity – Twisted Wire Termination

Twisted Wire 1TE_Connectivity_logo
The most novel feature of TE Connectivity’s (TE) JacKnack Tool is its ability to untwist twisted wire pairs.

An installer simply presses the finger loop to extend the wire clamp, places the wires in the wire clamp, releases the finger loop, and twirls the tool around his or her finger.

This method is much quicker than untwisting by hand. When used properly, the minimum amount of untwist can easily be maintained. Once the wires are untwisted, the installer can keep the wires clamped to place them in the lacing fixture or the connector. After that, it is a simple termination to complete the process.


(Left) Easily cuts the cable filler with the cable filler shear.
(Right) Easily places wire in SL mod jack lacing filler.


  • Cable jacket stripper
  • Cable filler shear
  • JacKnack clamp
  • Wire placement tool
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable
  • Convenient