VARTA EasyPack Evaluation Kit
VARTA offers a range of pre-configured battery packs that are immediately available for standard applications: CellPac LITE.

They are made exclusively of cylindrical or prismatic lithium batteries. CellPac LITE power packs are fitted with an electronic protective switch and additional overcurrent protection. They comply with the requirements of safety standard UL 1642. Customers are provided with a battery solution, complete with the necessary cables and connections, that is ready for use.

VARTA EasyPacks and Evaluation Kits
The ready-to-use battery solution for design engineers – fast and efficient

VARTA Microbattery presents a rechargeable, ready-to-use solution for battery packs which considerably reduce design-in costs and shorten the product time-to-market for OEM/ODM customers. The VARTA EasyPack contains lithium polymer cells which are the very latest in best engineering practice. The concept comprises 3.7V batteries with capacities ranging from 595mAh to 2260mAh, charging options, evaluation kits and recommended standard mating connectors.

VARTA EasyPack is ideal for supporting design engineers

VARTA EasyPack offers three different solutions for enhancing interface connection options.

Customers don ́t need to worry about tools for the battery casing, battery contacts, mating contacts and charging design, since the EasyPack concept has already covered these bases.

VARTA EasyPack Evaluation Kit
Our VARTA EasyPack Evaluation Kit comes with:

  • VARTA EasyPack S, L and XL
  • A charge reference design, circuit diagrams
    and BOM
  • A Plug & Play charge solution based on
    TI bq 24014
  • Fits all VARTA EasyPacks
  • Charge currents: 500mA/1000mA
  • Simple access to IC test pins and battery
  • The holder fits all VARTA EasyPack types
  • Contains a suitable mains power pack