Infineon: 40V and 60V StrongIRFETTM Logic-Level Gate Drive

Infineon introduces an extension of the successful StrongIRFET family for battery-powered applications. The logic-level gate drive allows designers to drive MOSFETs with only 5V VGS. This is ideal in applications where standard gate drive is not available such as brushed motor drives, BLDC motor drives and battery-powered circuits.

The family maintains the same characteristics of the StrongIRFET family, including low RDS(ON) for reduced conduction losses, high current carrying capability for increased power capability, and rugged silicon for robustness.

The flagship product is the IRL7472L1, which is available in the proprietary Large Can DirectFET™ package, enabling the lowest RDS(ON) in the market (0.97mΩ max at 4.5V) for a 67mm2 solution. The DirectFET features excellent top-side cooling, low package profile, and contains zero lead which complies with future RoHS requirements.


Part NumberBreakdown Voltage (V)Package (Outline)Current Rating (A)RDS(ON) typ/max at 4.5V (mΩ)
IRL7472L1TRPBF40Large Can DirectFET package (L8)3750.59/0.97
IRL7486MTRPBF40Medium Can DirectFET package (ME)2091.25/2.00


  • Designed for industrial applications
  • Ideal for low switching frequency
  • High current carrying capability
  • 4.5V logic level optimized
  • Rugged silicon
  • Low RDS(ON)


  • Brushed motor drive applications
  • BLDC motor drive applications
  • Battery-powered circuits
  • Light electric vehicles
  • Power tools
  • Electric toys

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