Infineon: IR25750L: Current Sensing IC in SOT23 Package

The IR25750L is a novel current sensing IC that extracts the VDS(on) of a power MOSFET, or the VCE(on) of an IGBT, during the switch on-time. IR’s proprietary 600V HVIC technology then blocks the high drain voltage during the MOSFET or IGBT off-time. This IC allows for external current sensing resistors to be eliminated for reducing power losses and increasing overall system efficiency. The IC includes a gate drive input that provides VCC supply voltage to the IC and synchronizes the internal sensing circuit to the on and off times of the switch. Programmability and temperature compensation are also possible.


  • VDS(on) or VCE(on) sensing
  • Enables inductance-less current sensing
  • Programmability and temperature compensation possible
  • Gate drive on/off sync input
  • 20.8V zener clamps on GATE and CS pins
  • Integrated ESD protection and latch immunity on all pins
  • Eliminates external current sensing resistors
  • 600V blocking capability
  • No VCC required
  • Filter delay at GATE turn-on (200nsec typ.)
  • Tiny 5-pin SOT-23 package